The Benefits of Heated Photo Eyes for your Automatic Gate

In the winter, your gate is more likely to have issues opening and closing. Even when it warms up a little, there could still be frost forming on your automatic gate’s photo eyes. You can try to protect your photo eye with a cover, but no matter what cover you have frost will still occasionally formContinue Reading

Selecting a Gate Operator Replacement

After you’ve had your automatic gate for several years, you should begin to consider replacing your gate operator. You need to keep your automated gate up to date so you’re not using a gate operator that is old or unsafe. Once you’ve decided it’s time to replace your operator,you’ll need to be able to determine whatContinue Reading

How to Inspect your Automatic Gate’s Brakes

Checking the brakes on your automated gate is imperative for the safety of you and anyone else who comes into contact with your gate. Brakes need to be checked on gates that are used on a daily basis to ensure everything is working properly and safely. In order to do this, you’re going to needContinue Reading

How to Align your Automatic Gate’s Photo Eyes

Questions and problems concerning your gate often arise in the winter when everything freezes, and then thaws back out. Your automated gate may no longer open and close as it is supposed to. The safety devices that are often behind these issues are the photo eyes. Whether it is a reflective photo eyes or aContinue Reading