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Homeowners and businesses in Minnesota are rushing to install high-quality vinyl fences around their property. As a matter of fact, the demand for PVC fences nationwide has skyrocketed over the years. Customers are continually discovering the distinct advantages this material type has over more traditional forms of fencing such as wood and metal; and as the top fence contractor in Rochester, MN, we have gone the extra mile to deliver products and services that outshine the competition.

So, why the increase in demand for vinyl fence panels in Rochester, MN? The core reason why more and more people opt for PVC is that it requires less upkeep and maintenance compared to other fence types. This stems from its inherent qualities.

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Water and rust resistance

Water—whether it derives from rain, melting snow and ice, morning dew, overspray from sprinklers—has the potential to compromise the quality of certain materials. Wood fence panels, for instance, unless they’ve been properly sealed, absorb fluids that then remain trapped inside the fence’s foundation. When winter hits and the temperature falls—and here in Minnesota, the temperature really falls—the water turns to ice, expanding inside the wood and causing it to warp. (This is what creates those unsightly knots and cracks often observed in wood fences.)

As for metal fences, unless they’ve been carefully fabricated for corrosion resistance, water has the potential to cause rust. Which has the potential to not only compromise fence integrity but also create health risks for users: e.g. kids trying to climb the fence.

This is where our vinyl fencing in Minnesota comes into play. PVC is a water-resistant material; even during a heavy rainstorm, water simply cascades off the sides of the fence. Here at American Fence Company of Rochester, MN, we engineer our PVC for supreme rust resistance.

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Whereas most wood fences inevitably require replacement over time, vinyl is designed to last a lifetime. Indeed, the only noticeable age-related change you should notice is a reduction in the PVC’s natural sheen. As the top fence contractor in Rochester, MN, we manufacture our vinyl fence panels with TIO2 (titanium dioxide), which helps limit damage caused by ultraviolet exposure. (Think of it as a permanent sunscreen for your fence.) So you shouldn’t experience yellowing in your fence—and if you do, American Fence Company issues a 20-year warranty to cover discoloration and yellowing.

Superior damage resistance

Although not as impenetrable as steel, high-quality PVC doesn’t suffer damage easily. It takes an exceptional amount of force to actually break the surfacing; so unless someone plows a car through your vinyl fence panels, they should continue standing. Even in the fierce grip of winter, the only noticeable change should consist of an increase in flexibility—and even then, an unusual amount of force is typically required to inflict actual damage. Also: vinyl fencing has an advantage over wood in that it’s a self-extinguishing material—its flash point being approximately 900 degrees.

In the event that you need to replace parts—or even entire panels—simply contact us here at American Fence Company of Rochester, MN. Our services include maintenance and repair, in addition to fence design, fabrication, and installation.

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Why American Fence Company of Rochester, MN?

There are many fence contractors in Rochester, MN, and throughout the state—so what makes us stand out from the competition? In addition to everything mentioned above (special fabrication techniques, multiple services that include fence repair in Minnesota), we—the top fence contractor in Rochester—require our installers to learn the ins and outs of vinyl fencing through our in-house training programs. This includes learning to build/install/repair the many vinyl fence styles we specialize in:

  • Solid privacy. The ultimate solution for Minnesota property owners desiring privacy, these vinyl fence panels completely conceal your yard from public view. Privacy fences are also great for preventing children and pets from climbing their way to freedom.
  • Semi-privacy. Semi-privacy vinyl fence panels repeat the general benefits of privacy fencing albeit with more ventilation and a slight degree of visibility.
  • Picket. The classic homeowners’ choice, picket fencing defines property boundaries while presenting a look of beauty and sophistication.
  • Closed picket. A classic picket fence with horizontal bars on top and bottom for additional security.
  • Over-scallop picket. The vinyl pickets on this fence have been carefully crafted and patterned to create a hill-shaped top on each panel.
  • Under-scallop picket. The vinyl pickets on this fence have been carefully crafted and patterned to create a dip-shaped formation at the top of each panel.
  • Ranch rail. Designed more for defining boundary lines than for security purposes, ranch rail fencing in Minnesota is commonly installed by ranchers, farmers, and owners of country homes.
  • Porch and deck. Gorgeous deck fences to help define your home.
  • Specialty products. American Fence Company of Rochester, MN accesses the largest vinyl inventory in the Midwest. As such, we have all the necessary materials to construct unique items from PVC. Do you need a vinyl gazebo in Rochester? We can construct gazebos, pergolas, arches, mailboxes, you name it!

As mentioned above, we build materials from an inventory encompassing more than 18 acres throughout the nation. When we need extra vinyl for a job in Minnesota, we ship in the balance from one of our sister American Fence Company branch locations. Our service area goes far beyond Rochester—we install vinyl fences in Bloomington, Hastings, Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Stillwater, Albert Lea, Cottage Grove, Winona, Inver Grove Heights, Mendota Heights, Northfield, Richfield, St. Louis Park, West Saint Paul, Mankato, Red Wing, Burnsville, Austin, and many other Minnesota communities. Our service area also includes Wisconsin communities such as Eau Claire, River Falls, and Lacrosse.

American Fence Company partners with reputable manufacturers such as Ply Gem & Rail in order to attain the best quality vinyl on the market.

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