Custom Ornamental Fencing in Rochester, MN

Professional Fence Fabrication

Here at American Fence Company of Minnesota, we employ certified professional fabricators – and provide them a top notch facility to put together fabrication and coatings.

Fence Fabrication Drawings

Our staff here at the choice fence contractor in Rochester understand that custom designs should never leave customers confused. For that reason, complete fabrication drawings are provided before fabrication begins. We do not start putting your Rochester fence together until you have had a chance to review.

Wide Variety of Fence Coatings

American Fence Company of Minnesota operates one of the biggest media blasting and powder coating operations not only in Rochester, MN, but the entire Midwest. Everything from patina to metallic to pearl-essence can be done here at our facility, and by our Rochester fencing experts.


Custom Ornamental Fencing in Rochester, MN

So you might be asking: of all the fence contractors in Rochester Minnesota, why choose us? Well, the reasons are many, beginning with our higher than average quality on custom ornamental fencing. Our sister division, American Custom Metals, is one of the largest operations of its kind in the entire Midwest. Their expertise in custom metals and our expertise in the fencing industry, combined, has made us highly regarded and widely sought after when clients, both residential and commercial, seek unique, one of a kind fences in Rochester.

Here are just a few of the things that make us stand out:

  • Our 50,000 square foot facility loaded with premier fence fabrication equipment.
  • Our thoroughly trained fence fabrication staff, which includes 6G certified welders. They are able to put together even the most complicated of custom ornamental fence projects. We also employ engineers to design your project as well as ensure it is long lasting and has structural integrity.
  • Nothing is left unresolved, as every fence design we put together is based on fabrication drawings approved by the customer.
  • Our media blasting and powder coating operation is one of the largest in the Midwest.
  • Our quality control program, which sets eyes and ensures quality for your project every step of the way.

This fence company in Rochester has been fabricating custom metal fences and projects for more than 50 years, and our custom metals handiwork can be found in every state. We have you covered on all fronts when it comes to your custom ornamental fencing needs — balcony railings, bridge railings, slide gates, estate gates, ornamental fences, architectural screening, mechanical equipment screening, etc.