Best in Class Ornamental Fencing

Appealing Fence Designs


A Rochester, MN ornamental fence adds a classy, sophisticated appearance to its surroundings – setting up one has the potential to help increase the value of your property.

Prefabricated Fencing in Rochester


Part of what distinguishes us, the premier fence company in Rochester, MN, is that have our own prefabricated ornamental fencing line, called American Ornamental.

Long Lasting Rochester Fences


American Fence Company of Minnesota’s prefabricated ornamental fence panels have been designed with rust resistance in mind. When you combine this fact with our warranty, you can rest assured that your ornamental fence will last and last.

Multiple Options for Rochester Fences


Our prefabricated ornamental iron fence panels come in spear top and flat top: with heights in 3′, 4′, 5′, and 6′.

Ornamental Fence Gallery

American Fence Company of Minnesota is the top fence contractor in Rochester, in part because of our tried-and-true prefabricated ornamental products. Our American Ornamental line provides options of flat top and spear top, installed by our in-house team of Rochester fence installation experts. Ornamental fences are designed to be both appealing and long-lasting aspects to your property.

Ornamental Fence Company in Rochester FAQ

Do we provide warranties on prefabricated ornamental iron fences?

Yes. Our American Ornamental product line comes with offers for 10-20 year warranties on fence cracks, chips, and undue fading.

Do our ornamental fences rust, peel, chip, or fade?

Good question, and this is understandably the greatest concern that customers have for their fence contractors. Ask the following:

  • Should my iron fence be galvanized? The process of galvanizing helps protect your fence from rust and corrosion. That’s in addition to providing it with an attractive silvery finish that is rich with zinc. This is a great method of help prevent rust, although it should be noted that most paint applications don’t adhere to galvanized iron fencing unless the first brush has been blasted.
  • Should be iron fence be powder coated? Powder coating your ornamental fence provides a plastic-esque coating, like a candy apple. Powder is applied to the fence and then melted in an oven, producing a very resilient coating that has been baked on for coating durability.
  • Should my iron fence be e-coated? Having more than 40 years’ experience in steel fabrication, this fence company in Rochester, MN is committed to providing ornamental fences with e-coating.

Is field welding recommended for ornamental fencing in Rochester, MN?

We recommend fielding welding ornamental fences only when it is absolutely necessary – and an ornamental fence should never been field welded or “stick builded” in the field. This is because welds immediately exposed to high humidity levels or due can result in the development of rust. What’s more, field welds can violate the powder coated finish and touching up should only be done with the manufacturer’s touch-up system. Your fence panels should be shop fabricated with bolt-on connections attaching the panels to the fence posts.

Do our fence installers in Rochester install ornamental fence posts in concrete?

Our fence posts are set in wet mix concrete. We do not use dry mix with water added later, as this does not provide the best consistency for concrete.