Commercial Ornamental Fencing in Rochester, MN

Appealing Ornamental Fence Designs


Enhance the classical appeal of your commercial property – and even increase your property value – with one of our sophisticated ornamental fences in Rochester, Minnesota.

Prefabricated Ornamental Fencing


Here at American Fence Company, the top fence contractor in Rochester, we proudly sell our own line of prefabricated ornamental fencing, called American Ornamental.

Long Lasting Ornamental Fence


American Ornamental’s prefabricated fence panels are resistant to rust. This, combined with our warranty on our ornamental fencing, means the fence you buy from us will be built to last.

Multiple Fencing Options


Our prefabricated ornamental iron fence panels come in flat top or spear top. Height options include 3′, 4′, 5′, and 6.’



When it comes to picking out a fence company in Rochester that can install proven, long-lasting prefabricated ornamental fencing for your commercial property, you don’t have to look any further than American Fence Company of Minnesota. Rochester’s number one fence contractor, we proudly sell our own line of ornamental fencing. American Ornamental, the line we own and sell, provides a number of options for you to choose from: flat top or spear top, with heights ranging from 3-6 feet. In short, you have a number of ornamental fencing options that you can use to create a fence befitting the style of your commercial property.

Commercial Ornamental Fencing in Rochester, MN FAQ

Do our prefabricated ornamental iron fences come with warranty?

We offer a 10-20 year warranty on our American Ornamental products. This warranty covers chipping, undue fading, and cracking in your fence.

Does ornamental fencing rust, peel, chip, or fade?

This is among the most common concerns people have with ornamental fencing. As the number one fence contractor in Rochester, we recommend never purchasing a metal fence unless it meets the following criteria:

  • Galvanized. This process, which helps seal the fence against damaging effects such as rust and corrosion, has a silver finish, one that is plentiful with zinc. While a great rust-resistant application, galvanized finish does not work well with most paint applications unless brush blasting has occurred first.
  • Powder Coated. Powder is applied directly to the fence and subsequently melted in an oven. The result is a baked-on, resilient coating similar to plastic.
  • E-coated. Having fabricated steel for more than 40 years, American Fence Company, the choice fence contractor in Rochester, stands firm on providing e-coated ornamental fence products. We never encourage customers to settle for anything less than this.

Does field welding apply to ornamental fencing in Rochester, MN?

As the top fence company in Rochester, we don’t recommend field welding for ornamental fences unless it is essential. Never let anyone otherwise talk you into field welding or stick building your fence while it’s in the field, as this expose the welds to humidity and dew, causing rust. What’s more, field welding tends to ruin the fence’s powder coated finish. Instead, the fence panels should be completely shop fabricated; and the powder coating should only be touched up by the manufacturer.

Are ornamental fence posts set in concrete?

This fence company in Rochester’s fence posts are set in a wet mix concrete. Never dry mix with water added later, as this tends to off-set the concrete’s consistency.