Get Adjustable Architectural Screening with PalmSHIELD’s Element

American Fence Company of Grand Island is proud to offer PalmSHIELD’s newest product line to our customers. Their new product is called Element screening, and it breaks your screening down to its most basic elements: rails, posts and planks. PalmSHIELD’s Element screening is idea for architectural screening enclosures with changing elevations or tight budgets. Installers can quickly and precisely field determine post spacings and heights for these screens. PalmSHIELD’s Element screening provides a basic approach to building mechanical equipment screening with a very professional and sleek final look.

Element screening’s custom posts are extruded with slots that extend both in and out of the post. This sensible design creates a unique structural shape that can withstand strong winds. These slots are also for installing and supporting your horizontal planks. Element screening’s posts are powder coated to complement your chosen infill option and the exterior of your building. Post spacing can be flexible by simply trimming the rails and infill to match.

Element screening uses a version of PalmSHIELD’s popular fully framed design. Each panel is framed-out with an aluminum top and bottom member. The bottom is rail is a clean 1” x 3” rectangular profile while the top rail is a structural T-shape to provide both protection and a unique finish. Element’s framework is powder coated to complement your chosen infill option. All of Element’s rails may be trimmed to work with varied post spacing. The bottom rail may be field adjustable based on your terrain.

Solid private Element screening with aluminum planks

Element’s infill options are endless. Vinyl, composite and aluminum horizontal planks forming both a solid or semi-privacy view. All the solid privacy screening is constructed from tongue and groove profiles that add additional strength, joining the planks together. PalmSHIELD offers a wide range of color options for the vinyl and composite profiles. The aluminum planks can be powder coated to match or contrast the framework. All of the infill options may be custom cut to fit your post spacing.

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