High Security Bollards: Which Is Right For You?

Unfortunately, over the past few years the world has been exposed to terrorism. One of the most common ways terrorists attack is by driving into buildings, or crowds full of people.  One might ask how they can prevent this type of thing from happening to their place of business? We at American Fence have a solution, that could potentially stop this thing from happening in the future. The solution is High Security Bollards. These bollards have several styles each have their own advantages, and uses.

Urban Bollards:

Urban bollards are for high traffic city areas, and have a foundation that can be dug down deep more so then your standard bollards. This particular type only needs a little over a foot room, thus making these perfect for sidewalk, roadway, and street installation. This bollard is crash tested for speeds up to 50 miles per hour, despite the shallow footing.

High Security Bollards:

These bollards come with a bigger price tag, however they provide the most protection. Designed to stop fast-moving and heavy-duty vehicles immediately, these security bollards are designed to be retractable or they can be fixed in place.

Retractable Bollards:

If you have an area of a parking lot that you would generally like to be blocked off, but still want to be able to offer access to select individuals, automatic retractable bollards could be the right choice. Providing a way to still offer crash rated protection while still offering entry or exit. Retractable bollards are also air-filled, making them nondisruptive and quiet.

Portable Bollards:

If the requirement is extra security temporarily, portable bollards are probably your best bet. Portable bollards offer temporary security that can be used to keep both pedestrians and vehicles out of the desired area. Even though portable bollards are not permanent structures, they still have the capability of stopping a 15,000-pound vehicle going 30 miles per hour.

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