PalmSHIELD proudly protects Mission Dispensary

A horizontal louvered mechanical screen system installed at Mission Dispensary with bright yellow traffic columns along its perimeter for extra protectionMission Dispensary recently became the very first medical marijuana dispensary in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and PalmSHIELD had the honor of being a part of that history. PalmSHIELD’s horizontal louver fence system was installed by ProMax Fence Systems at the dispensary. The mechanical equipment screening perfectly complements the dispensary’s color accents and unique design and is facing the front of the building.

Located in Reading, Pennsylvania, ProMax Fence Systems has become a PalmSHIELD horizontal louvered fence system specialist. They have installed PalmSHIELD product on many occasions and after you see Mission Dispensary’s finished look, it will be apparent to you that ProMax Fence Systems are masters of their craft. All the seams of Mission Dispensary’s system are tight and it continues to stay evenly level as the ground slopes downward. Congratulations to ProMax Fence Systems for doing an exemplary job.

This PalmSHIELD project used an exclusive internal locking device and Gorilla hinges. There is a large double swing gate at the rear of the structure and the whole thing stands 10-feet-tall. This gate is fairly big, and massive gates require robust hinges. Half inch mounting plate with all the bolt holes tapped and pre-drilled and a butterfly design are utilized in the PalmSHIELD Gorilla hinges.

PalmSHIELD is America’s leader in mechanical equipment screening, walls, enclosures and screening with the industry’s largest louver and their exclusive fully-framed panel designs. PalmSHIELD is also proud to offer self-standing and rooftop system solutions. Every screen project is a custom project with PalmSHIELD.

To find out if PalmSHIELD is the right choice for your project or check out their CAD drawings and specifications, visit PalmSHIELD today.

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