How To Decide if You Need Temporary Fencing

We often hear from contractors, safety directors, architects and engineers that they found themselves wishing they would have installed temporary mid-way through a project.  Don’t let yourself be in the same boat as them by using our very simple ‘How To’ guide on identifying if you need Temporary Construction Fencing.

Step 1:  Be familiar with your site geography.

1) Is the site in a commercial or residential zone?

2)  Are there any parks, schools, churches, etc. nearby that need to be considered?

Step 2:  Access the amount of foot traffic near the site.

  • Do sidewalks boarder your site?
  • Do you notice any determined paths cutting across your site?
  • Are there any wildlife paths that need to be considered? Do not forget that not every temporary fence is for human safety alone.

Step 3:  Assess the risk vs the liability.

  • Will there be excavation or holes left uncovered?
  • Will there be crews working 24 hours per day or will work only be performed during normal business hours?
  • Will there be material and/or equipment that will be left on site and will it be material that can be vandalized or stolen? Perhaps, you simply install a smaller temporary staging area to secure dedicated materials and equipment?

Step 4:  Consider the peace of mind

  • What if something disappears from my job site? Would a security fence make a difference?
  • What if a deer or coyote strays onto your airport runway. Would a temporary construction fence have made a difference?

Every project is different any many considerations must be taken into account but hopefully we have pointed out some of the standard considerations when contemplating the “do I or don’t I” temporary fence question. For any further information regarding any style of fencing though out Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa please contact American Fence in Rochester, Minnesota.

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